Revo Pneumatic Actuators

Zagros is a leading supplier, exporter and distributor of Revo pneumatic actuators in UAE, Dubai. The REVO® brand we offer is the benchmark for performance and perfection in actuator technology, and it is well-known in the industrial applications as a leader in terms of both quality and innovation. To enhance production output, our offered innovative products are combined with excellence in manufacturing. We can provide the best actuator for every application thanks to our collective knowledge and experience. These actuators are excellent for opening quarter-turn valves, particularly butterfly, ball, and plug valves. Multi-position functionality and 90° or 180° rotating motion are typical applications of these actuators.  All Revo actuators can be used for modulating or on/off control actions.

Pneumatic Actuator Benefits

In order to open and close the valve using just compressed air, the pneumatic actuator rotates between 90 and 180 degrees. Hence, it is less expensive and requires less upkeep than motorized actuators, which results in electricity savings and quick movement. Pneumatic actuators are considered essential in potentially many different industries, particularly for usage in applications where valves are opened and closed. They are useful in industrial settings where there is a risk of fire or ignition. The Revo pneumatic actuators are spark-free, making them safe for atomic plants and conveniently usable in hazardous environments. It operates quietly and without any additional noise.

Contact For Revo Pneumatic Actuators in UAE

Pneumatic actuators are one of the most common engineering tools used in the various sectors. We already provide numerous industrial and commercial clients to our pneumatic actuator. We have set a standard of excellence for many type of industrial product and services. Customers are very satisfied with the output and performance of our offered high-quality Revo pneumatic actuators in UAE.