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Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings

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Carbon Steel Class 3000 Pipe Fittings

Zagros trading is one of the leading Carbon steel class 3000 pipe fittings supplier and exporter in Dubai, UAE. There are multiple components make up to class 3000 pipe fittings such as Straight tee, Elbow, Pipe Couplings, Union, cap and many more. Only the ANSI pipes, which are manufactured in a similar size range, are used with the Class 3000 carbon steel Fittings. The ASME standard represents safety and quality, and the Class 3000 fittings are utilized for a variety of industrial purposes.

Carbon steel class 3000 pipe fittings belong to a pressure class that is suitable for high-pressure applications. The pipe fittings’ pressure classes indicate how much pressure they can withstand. Class 3000 pipe fittings are utilized in high-pressure systems such heat exchangers, boilers, power plants, and hydraulic systems. This is necessary to know since the fittings should not be utilized in applications with higher pressure hazards than specified.

Reliable Carbon Steel Class 3000 Pipe Fittings Supplier in Dubai

The dimension of carbon steel class 3000 pipe fittings differs depending the application and use. These are usually large-diameter pipes. During production, the Class 3000 carbon steel pipe fittings are forged, rolled, or welded. The 3000 Pipe Fittings are designed for use in oil & gas, petrochemical, power plant, petroleum, and other high-pressure applications. The majority of these fittings comply with the B16.11 standard, which applies to forged steel fittings. They could be threaded or socket weld kinds. Alloy steel and carbon steel both falls within this category.

Threaded Class 3000 Fittings are built of high-quality materials and are ideal for usage in extreme conditions. They are anti-corrosive, robust, and can survive for many years, according on the material used to make them. For more details and rates on the class 3000 pipe fittings, please contact us.


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